About the Program

Mary Pope Osborne's Classroom Adventures Program is Mary's 20th anniversary gift to teachers who have inspired her not only to keep writing the series, but to create a series of non-fiction Fact Tracker books to extend students' knowledge. Classroom Adventures is a comprehensive program that allows teachers to expand their use of the Magic Tree House adventures in the classroom and stimulate kids' interest in subjects across the entire curriculum.

The program uses kids' love of Magic Tree House adventures and their identification with Jack and Annie to spark interest in learning and stimulate their curiosity about the world around them.

Fiction Adventures and Non-Fiction Fact Trackers are the ultimate paired texts for grades 1-4 as they guide teachers striving to achieve multiple common core standards while guiding students to decipher text, compare and contrast, and form opinions.

Program resources include:

  • A complete "Curriculum Key" that classifies every Magic Tree House book and non-fiction Fact Tracker with regard to subjects and common core curriculum standards
  • A Reading Level Guide for all books in the series
  • Individual lesson plans for each book to supplement what teachers may already be doing in their classrooms

These resources are available free of charge. They are a true Gift of Time to elementary school teachers struggling to find creative ways to inspire their students and still meet core curriculum standards. Schools who have used our resources to incorporate Magic Tree House books and Fact Trackers in their classrooms have seen results in higher reading levels and an overall increased enthusiasm for reading and learning.

Classroom Adventures provides for a Gift of Books to children in underserved schools across the country. Title 1 educators are invited to submit a brief proposal telling us how they plan to use Magic Tree House books in their classroom; selected schools will receive a grant of books to help these teachers to accomplish their goals.

We sincerely hope Mary's Classroom Adventures Program will be beneficial to you and your students. Your feedback on our Contact Us page is not only welcome but encouraged!

“It’s obvious we need to find better ways to teach all children to read. But I believe
that literacy is not enough. We need to give children a passion for reading.
Once ignited, this passion can be a fierce motivation for a young person to try
to change his or her life for the better.”
-Mary Pope Osborne

Thousands of teachers who have used Magic Tree House books in their classrooms know first hand how the books foster a lifelong love of reading and learning. Here is what some of those teachers have to say:

“Our students love Mary Pope Osborne's books, and it is a blessing to be able to address so many subject areas by using these resources.  Students are learning and having fun at the same time when reading these books.”
-Jeff Thelen, Reading Specialist, Title 1 Program Supervisor

“Mary Pope Osborne’s books have a supporting role in 5th grade classrooms.  A number of the Magic Tree House books and non-fiction Fact Trackers enrich and deepen understanding in several of the common core standards of literacy, science and social studies...I look forward to connecting my students with the familiar characters of Jack and Annie while integrating the 5th grade standards.”
-Jamee Petersen, 5th Grade Teacher

“The students in my 4th grade class were interested and enthusiastic when reading High Tide in Hawaii and the Fact Tracker, Tsunamis and Other Natural Disasters... We incorporated the books into our Science unit of Weathering and Erosion, our Social Studies unit, Regions and Map Skills, Current Events like the Tsunami in Japan, along with other cross-curricular activities. I would definitely use other Magic Tree House books and Fact Trackers in my classroom!”
-Mrs. Skowyra, 4th Grade Teacher

“The Magic Tree House books ... allow teaching and learning across the curriculum. Twister on Tuesday fits well with Science while studying weather. In Social Studies it ties in well with the Mid-West Region and the recent current events surrounding Tornadoes. Math is an excellent fit as well because we can record information about weather and tornadoes.”
-Mrs. Chudy, 4th Grade Teacher

“The Magic Tree House books have been a welcome addition to my reading program. Because many of my students can read and comprehend the fiction books independently, I am able to work one to one with other students, targeting their specific reading needs.”
-Mrs. Beaulieu, Title 1 Reading Teacher Grades 3 & 4

“[Magic Tree House] books are very helpful with teaching the students more about history in a fun way. Students are learning about important events in history and talking about it with each other. The books fit very well into our third grade curriculum.”
-Ms. Klupa, 3rd Grade Teacher

“Through the use of Afternoon on the Amazon and its non-fiction companion, Rain Forests, my students traveled to the Amazon Rain Forest with Jack and Annie.... My students have noticeably increased their comprehension skills. Not only is this demonstrated through a rain forest window project, but also in formal written questions and through their everyday language, vocabulary usage, and interactions. They have even created a Magic Tree House Game they play at recess where they pretend to be Jack and Annie and go on adventures.”
-Mrs. Logsdon, 2nd Grade Teacher

“We went on a learning adventure! The children were enthusiastic and challenged. We became space travelers, sang Solar System songs and hung the planets from our classroom “Milky Way”. We traveled with Jack and Annie and we put on our space suits and visited a space lab. We met a moon man and learned about the first astronauts who visited the moon. I feel you can use the Magic Tree House books and incorporate all the subjects used in the second grade curriculum. Working with multiple disciplines across the curriculum is a motivating way to teach children about our world using real life experiences and adventures! I would be happy to use any Magic Tree House book to help learning come alive in second grade.”
-Mrs. Bish, 2nd Grade Teacher

“We became moon travelers with Jack and Annie!”
“When you read Magic Tree House books like Space and Midnight on the Moon, you feel like you’re blown out of this world with all the facts on every page.”
“We loved learning about constellations, and astronomy. We feel so smart! These books are hard, but they make us smarter about science and reading and writing!”
-Comments from 2nd graders