#14, Day of the Dragon King

Book Summary

Jack and Annie set off to find an original copy of an ancient Chinese myth. Armed only with their magic library cards, they must take on a book-burning emperor. But with the help of a scholar and a silk weaver, they triumph again.

Book Cluster: Mystery of the Lost Stories, Books 13-16

Fact Tracker Summary

The bestselling nonfiction companions to the Magic Tree House books! When Jack and Annie came back from their adventure in Magic Tree House® #14:Day of the Dragon King, they had lots of questions. Who was the Dragon King? How did he build the Great Wall? What is Chinese New Year? What are some other Chinese traditions? Find out the answers to these questions and more as Jack and Annie track the facts behind some of history’s most intriguing and secretive figures. Filled with up-to-date information, photographs, illustrations, and fun tidbits from Jack and Annie, the Magic Tree House Fact Trackers are the perfect way for kids to find out more about the topics they discover in their favorite Magic Tree House adventures.  Have more fun with Jack and Annie on the Magic Tree House® website at MagicTreeHouse.com.

Subjects Addressed in these books:

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Core Curriculum Standards for Language Arts
Concept Vocabulary; Cause & Effect; Writing: Text types and purposes; Speaking & Listening: Comprehension and collaboration; resentation skills; Cultural legend: The Silk Weaver and the Cowherd; Characterization
Core Curriculum Standards for Social Studies
Chinese calligraphy; Structures of government (emperor vs. U.S. government); Landmarks: The Great Wall of China; Community structures: libraries; Compare/contrast houses, way of life in historic China and present-day United States; Cultural traditions: burial grounds; Ancient Chinese Culture; Terracotta Army, Chinese Dynasty, Great Wall of China, Bamboo Books
Core Curriculum Standards for Science & Technology
Silkworm (adaptations, life cycle); Plant adaptations: bamboo; Cricket (adaptations); Astronomy: constellations, stars (Vega and Altair); Silkworms (Chinese discovery)
Core Curriculum Standards for Mathematics
Great Wall of China word problems; Soldier statues word problems
Core Curriculum Standards for Geography
China; Great Wall of China
Core Curriculum Standards for Mythology & Legends
Chinese Legend: The Silk Weaver and the Cowherd
Core Curriculum Standards for Character Building Lessons
The freedom to read all kinds of books should be available to all people. Knowledge does not belong to just a few. Be fair to everyone.
Core Curriculum Standards for Visual Arts
Individual or group tree houses; Create Jack & Annie in their favorite wardrobe; Analyze still images for details and predictions.
Core Curriculum Standards for Music
Read Read Read Song
Core Curriculum Standards for Theatre Arts
Passport to Adventure

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