#10, Ghost Town at Sundown

Book Summary

The saga and success of The Magic Tree House continues! The tenth adventure, Ghost Town at Sundown, is filled with the excitement, action, and fun facts always found in Magic Tree House books. Morgan le Fay has promised to make Jack and Annie masters of the tree house if they can solve four riddles. In Ghost Town at Sundown, the Magic Tree House whisks Jack and Annie back to a ghost town in the Wild West of the 1880s. There, they meet a mustang herder named Slim as they search for the answer to the second riddle.

Book Cluster: Mystery of the Ancient Riddles, Books 9-12

Subjects Addressed in these books:

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Core Curriculum Standards for Language Arts
Literature extension: ghost stories; Concept; Vocabulary; Cause & Effect; Writing: Text types and purposes; Speaking & Listening: Comprehension and collaboration; Presentation skills
Core Curriculum Standards for Social Studies
Wild West; Ghost towns; Cowboy culture
Core Curriculum Standards for Science & Technology
Biomes/habitats: prairie; People and needs from environment; Landforms: canyon; Sound: echo, harmonica
Core Curriculum Standards for Geography
Old West, USA
Core Curriculum Standards for Animals & Wildlife
Rabbit adaptations; Rattlesnake adaptations; Horse adaptations
Core Curriculum Standards for Character Building Lessons
People who lived long ago still talk to us through books. Learn to read and love to read. Try to discover what you love to do best. Have respect for yourself.
Core Curriculum Standards for Visual Arts
Individual or group tree houses - Create Jack & Annie in their favorite wardrobe; Analyze still images for details and predictions.
Core Curriculum Standards for Music
Player pianos; Read Read Read Song
Core Curriculum Standards for Theatre Arts
Passport to Adventure

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