#06, Afternoon on the Amazon

Book Summary

Jack and Annie travel back in time to a South American rain forest in search of the elusive magician Morgan le Fay.  Will they find a new clue to her whereabouts before they are trampled by stampeding killer ants?  

Book Cluster: Mystery of the Magic Spell, Books 5-8

Fact Tracker Summary

Magic Tree House Research Guides are now Magic Tree House Fact Trackers! Track the facts with Jack and Annie!   When Jack and Annie got back from their adventure in Magic Tree House #5: Afternoon on the Amazon, they had lots of questions. How much rain falls in a rain forest? What is the world's heaviest insect? What the heck is a sausage tree? Why is it important to preserve the world's rain forests? Find out the answers to these questions and more as Jack and Annie track the facts. Filled with up-to-date information, photos, illustrations, and fun tidbits from Jack and Annie, the Magic Tree House Fact Trackers are the perfect way for kids to find out more about the topics they discovered in their favorite Magic Tree House adventures.

Subjects Addressed in these books:

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Core Curriculum Standards for Language Arts
Onomatopoeia; Animal idioms; Animal research project; Concept; Vocabulary; Cause & Effect Writing: Text types and purposes; Speaking & Listening: Comprehension and collaboration; Presentation skills
Core Curriculum Standards for Science & Technology
Biomes/habitats: rain forest; Climate; Water features: Amazon River; Animal adaptations (physical and behavioral); Animal Defenses; Camouflage; Food chains: predators and prey; Rain forest preservation
Core Curriculum Standards for Mathematics
Place value problems; Measurement; Graphing: favorite tropical fruit
Core Curriculum Standards for Geography
Amazon Rain Forest
Core Curriculum Standards for Nature & Conversation
Rain Forest Climate; Rain Forest Plant Life; Many "Gifts" of the Rain Forest from plants; Weather: rain
Core Curriculum Standards for Animals & Wildlife
Army ants; Piranhas; Snakes; Crocodiles; Monkeys; Jaguars; Vampire bats; Poison Arrow Frogs; Plant life: orchids, mangos, cacao trees, etc.
Core Curriculum Standards for Character Building Lessons
All creatures in the wild are interconnected. For them to survive, we need to guard natural habitats.
Core Curriculum Standards for Visual Arts
Research and create an animal who lives in the rain forest; Invent and create an animal that lives in the rain forest but has not yet been discovered!; Individual or group tree houses; Create Jack & Annie in their favorite wardrobe; Analyze still images for details and predictions.
Core Curriculum Standards for Music
Read Read Read Song
Core Curriculum Standards for Theatre Arts
Passport to Adventure

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